Evil eye? Buri Nazar?

Recently when I was sharing some good news with a friend, she said, “Don’t tell everyone now. Simply nazar lag jayega.”

Believe me, she meant good. When something good is about to happen you obviously would love to share it with your neighbours, relatives, friends and of course your family.

But deep within, you are scared that the good news might just not happen if disclosed to many. And eventually you find out that whatever good was to happen didn’t happen.

You end up blaming someone or the other for the same. And if not someone you blame your destiny. But you never blame yourself.

At times you also say about certain people “If I tell that person, my work never gets done.”

How is all this true? Does another person’s ill will or negative thought change what is in your fate?

Can a person think ill about you and make it happen? There is more to this than you are seeing.

First of all you need to understand that no person can change your fate unless you want them to or allow them.

Kisiki buri nazar kaise lag sakti hai jab tak tum usse adhikar nahi dete?

How can someone cast an evil eye on you unless you permit them to?

The books and CD’s on law of attraction also say the same. ‘You attract what you want’

So when you discuss about the good news which is yet to happen, you discuss it with a fear in your mind. You need to erase that fear. Because of the fear inside, you attract the evil thoughts of others.

It is not that everyone out there is going to wish ill about you. Even you know that.

But there could be some people who think ill about you. But to accept or reject their thought is in your hands. If you are very positive, no negative thought will attach to you. It is just impossible.

I can say this positively because I have tried this. In the last one year I had very many good things happening and I shared it with all the people I knew. I was advised by some well wishers not to reveal everything before it actually happened. But I did not let that affect me. I knew that the good would happen irrespective of what anyone thought or said. I concentrated on only the positive aspect and so none of the negative thoughts which others might have thought of affected me.

So it is you who allow the negative thought of others to take over your positive thoughts and then simply blame them for thinking negative. What you attract is your responsibility. What others think or attract is their responsibility. How can what they think happen to you unless you have accepted the negative energy they sent. And you can accept the negative energy only if you have something negative within you.

So think positive… be positive… and only positive things will happen in your life.

Think of only what you want – not ‘what you don’t want’


2 thoughts on “Evil eye? Buri Nazar?

  1. I was pretty pleased to find this web-site.I wanted to thank you for your own time because of this great read!! My partner and i are definitely enjoying each and every bit of this and i also have book marked you.

  2. hi naina it is always a pleasure to read ur thoughts, and sometiomes i feel u read my mind at times bcoz it is really happening with me at the same time.do keep on writing such beautiful and meaningful thoughts more often.

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