The past is over…

Why do we think of the past? Is the present not good? Is that when we delve into our past?

This is a question which we must all ask ourselves. Almost all of us spend our present moment thinking of the past or the future. When are we actually in the present moment?

Very rarely we actually live in the present moment. When I brought this question up with someone recently she said, “Hey, come on. I am not thinking about the negative incidents of my past. I am reliving the beautiful moments I spent during my vacation.”

To that I asked, “Is the present moment not good enough that we need to feel good in the present by reliving the beautiful moments in the past?”

We both sat silently thinking on that. Isn’t it true? Why do we paint rosy pictures of the future in the present moment? Why do we think of some good memories in the past and sigh?

Don’t we all do this? Why?

I am not saying that we must forget the past and the associated memories good or bad. But the present moment is the truth and rest all is either over or has never happened. So why go into it?

In fact, if we are actually thinking of some good moments of our past, if we recollect properly we will realise that even in those happy moments we were thinking whether the future will be as good…

The past is over. We must learn something from our past. But it is the present moment that is important and we need to actually live in that moment. As within a flash that moment will become the past and we will be in the next moment.

No one knows their future. So why think about it? Why not be happy in the present moment. It is the present which becomes the past. So if you are happy in this moment, soon it will be the past and it will be a happy past. And because you spend the present moment smiling, your next moment will also be the same.

It might take a while for this equation to sink in. But it is worth a try…


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