Follow your inner voice…

In the 11th verse-1st Chapter, Duryodhana continues his speech. He tells everyone supporting him that Grandfather Bhishma though very strong is old and would need support from everyone. Here Duryodhana is trying his best to appease his grandfather, relatives and his troop of men.

Here we can understand and see the insecurity felt by Duryodhana. He has the great Bhishma and his skilled teacher Dronacharya on his side besides all the other Kauravas. His army is well sectioned and yet deep in his heart he feels fear.

He is afraid that grandfather Bhishma will leave him or that Dronacharya will change sides and join the Pandavas. His confidence is based on these two people who had not spoken a word when Draupadi had been humiliated in front of all during the gambling game. He knows that both these men have a soft corner for the Pandavas and hopes that they will continue supporting him during the battle.

When we make a mistake we all know that we are erring. Don’t we? Probably we feel that the action is necessary or it is right and might even argue about it. But somewhere deep inside, a voice always tells us what is right and what is wrong. It always does. Only thing is we fail to hear or fail to follow the instructions of that voice.

The voice is ours. Each one of us has this voice inside us which warns us when we are on the wrong path. It is the inner voice, the voice of our atman, the soul.

Let us try to first see if we can hear that voice within us. Next let us learn to believe in the voice and then let us follow the commands of the voice…


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