Raining cats and dogs…

Last week I had been to Kerala. And it was raining cats and dogs. Whatever that term means…

It rained and rained with no respite. It was as though the clouds had decided to release their sorrows and were hence shedding all the tears in stock.

I like to travel but not during the rainy season. One good thing though about the place where I had been was that there was no water logging like it happens in Mumbai.

It is great to sit in the house and look at the rain lashing away. The sound of the rain falling on the roof…

I felt one with nature till the time I had to leave for the airport. Driving down with the roads practically invisible and the sudden flash lights of the car coming from the opposite direction all seemed too scary and yet thrilling.

The driver knew the road very well and he went about smoothly turning along the bends which I couldn’t see at all. The wiper which was doing a good job was actually of no use. It was raining that heavily.

There was very little turbulence during the flight and I reached Mumbai hoping that it would be nice and sunny.

But my hopes were very soon dampened by the heavy rains there too…

But unlike Kerala there were those occasional respites when though the sun didn’t shine furiously, the rains did reduce to a drizzle.

Finally when I got back to Bengaluru I was very happy. No rains! Bright and sunny…

For a day…

It is cloudy now and might rain any moment!


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