I have finished reading half the Gita and yet each time I go back to read a verse, I feel amazed to learn something new from it.

That is what the Gita is all about. In the next few verses of Chapter 1 (from the 4th verse to the 10th verse ) Duryodhana continues his talk about the strength of his army. He names each of his special warriors and claims that the Pandavas would fall weak in front of their prowess. He is in effect comparing the strength of his army to that of the Pandavas.

The above verses bring home the truth that a person who compares himself to others lacks confidence. There are many Duryodhanas out here in this Kalyuga.
Most people compare themselves to others. Comparison could be based on physical looks, money, status, exam scores, children…

The list is endless or rather ever expanding. When a person lacks confidence in some field or the other he or she tends to compare oneself with others. The comparison is generally to show that ‘I am better off than the others’.

Comparison brings about sorrow. At times when we compare ourselves with someone who we consider inferior to us we feel good. But such feelings are always short lived because due to the habit of comparing with others we would very soon find someone superior to us and that would bring about grief.

The focus should be on the self and not on what and how others are.

If a person is confident he would never need to analyse the strength or weakness of other people, ‘coz they would not be a threat to him.

Confidence comes from within and is not based on superficial traits. Confidence comes from knowing who you are actually and not from this body…

There is so much to learn and so much to understand in depth about the self…


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