Where is the sun?

Yesterday the sun didn’t rise. Not where I stay. Just joking!

After many rounds of hide and seek with the clouds, the sun finally decided to hide for a day. An entire day! And even as I am writing I am waiting for the sun to peep out so that I can feel the warmth of its bright rays…

The cool breeze and the rain have triggered serious bouts of cold and almost everyone is down with flu. It is viral! That is what doctors say.

Last couple of days even I was down with an extraordinary cold and was finding it difficult to work. The laptop screen seemed too bright and my eyes started watering.

A cold can really be very irritating.
But then I love to look at the advantages.

Hot soups! Cuddling inside the warm rug! Watching a comedy movie! No work!

But all that is fun for a day or two. So I made the most of it. And today I decided to gear myself up and say ‘Get lost’ to the cold and have switched on the laptop and am all ready to continue writing my novel.


It has turned dark again and the clouds are all ready to burst.

Bright sunlight…Where is the sun?


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