Well, so what is the Bhagavad Gita all about? It is the journey of a person to achieve self-realisation. To begin with we all need to realise that the body is just a garment we are wearing for this lifetime and that in another life we will be wearing another garment or another body.

So who is this “I” now wearing the garment or the body. “I” is the ‘self’ on the path of self-realisation. ‘I’ means the soul or the atman who is seeking self realisation. Now what does this have to do with the Bhagavad Gita? I would say that this is the basic essence of the book.

But then our first thought would be, ‘What difference does it make who I am and what body or garment I am wearing in this life. I still need to go to work, struggle and live a difficult life with strained relationships. How will all this change if I understand that I am not this body and I am the atman?’

Now let us not rush into this transformation from body to soul. It would be a bit difficult for all of us common human beings to understand so much about the soul about which we hardly talk. Oh of course we all know that we are the atman. But beyond that we never discuss about it.

We all are living in body consciousness. Aren’t we? We first need to ask ourselves this question before proceeding any further.

What is body consciousness? It is the fact that we think we are the body. The ‘I’ is not Mr./Mrs./Ms whatever. It is just what we are in this particular life of ours. We have lived many lives and will live many more and each time we will be someone else.

But there is something that doesn’t change in this transition from life to life. And that is the soul. It is the same in every life of yours. Whatever and whoever you are in each birth, the body changes but the soul is the same.

And once we realise this we shift from body consciousness to soul consciousness…


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