The first verse…

I am reading the Bhagavad Gita one verse at a time, understanding the purport and then proceeding to the next verse. Yes, it begins with the war details on Kurukshetra.

King Dhrtarastra, the blind father of the Kauravas asks his secretary Sanjaya about the scene on the battlefield. Sanjaya who is a disciple of Sage Vyasa is endowed with powers and can see the battlefield sitting in a room with Dhrtarastra.

The first question itself depicts the insecurity of the King about his sons’ fate on the holy place of Kurukshetra. He knows that the virtuous Pandavas have a better chance of winning the battle. Also Lord Krishna is Arjuna’s charioteer. All these thoughts trouble the King.

The King’s insecurity is present in many people today. A person who has committed sins or is a wrong doer has a mind filled with guilt. A feeling of insecurity pervades one’s senses. One is unable to lead one’s life peacefully. We all tend to push aside our guilt or wrongs and give explanations for the same.

The gods and even the gurus forgive us. The people who we have wronged will forgive us. But we cannot forgive ourselves. We keep on giving reasons knowing that it will not actually rid us of the guilt. Even if the entire universe forgives us, we find it very difficult to forgive ourselves.

Only a true understanding of the self can aid us in forgiving the self and progressing in the right sense in life.

We need to understand who this ‘I’ is before treading on more complicated paths.

The Bhagavad Gita is a journey to self-realisation…


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