I will read the Bhagavad Gita

My friend had the Srimad Bhagavad in English. I was going to borrow the book from her…

With full excitement and anticipation I reached my friend’s house. Today I could start reading the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. I rang the bell. My inner voice and my conscious mind both equally excited…

But alas! When she handed over the book to me I saw that it was the same “Bhagavad Gita- full version” that I had been evading for a long time now. The disappointment on my face did not go unnoticed and my friend asked if Srimad and this was not the same.

In a sad voice I told her that both were different and in fact this Gita had all the verses. It was the true version of what Krishna told Arjun on the battlefield when Arjun refused to fight the battle.

She felt sad that my bubble of anticipation had burst and I stood sadly at her doorstep. She pushed the book in my hand and said, “You had come to take the Gita, you take this. You try reading it. So what if it does not have stories? It couldn’t be all that boring after all.”

And I reached home with the heavy book in my hand knowing that I would feel bored to read this thick book and also that it had so many verses and explanations and no stories that obviously it wouldn’t interest me at all. I decided to keep the book safely for a while and return it to my good friend after a few days saying that I had been unable to read it.

But then I thought, when most of the people in my country and even abroad are such great fans of this book, why was I resisting it so much?

“Okay” I said to myself, “I will read, at least I will try to read it.”


5 thoughts on “I will read the Bhagavad Gita

  1. There is no better book in the world to understand life and its meaning than life itself. No book or epic can make one understand the purpose of life, the reason of our being alive…… Its better to try to see God and feel God in our daily lives. Its very simple…….. do good things and its easy to feel God.

    • Hi Sameer,

      It is true that the experiences in our life teach us a lot. But that is again our feeling and our viewpoint. We need to look at the bigger picture…

      I do agree that it is best to feel God within ourselves and it is the truth that God or the supreme power is within us and not in any book or any form.

      Doing good things or deeds without expectations is the best way to pave our path to a beautiful future.

      But there is more to life…doing good things is one part of it…provided it is done without absolutely any expectation…’coz then it becomes seva in the true sense…

      The reason for us being alive is because we actually never die. It is just that we change bodies and it is more like a transition than death.

      There is much in deep we need to know as to who we are…

      And that is what I am going to delve on and write about…

      Best wishes,


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