Choultry (party hall) fiasco!

After recently having moved to this beautiful garden city I had barely managed to make acquaintance with my opposite house neighbours. I soon found out that they were very nice people, and helpful too. Well I basked in this knowledge and decided to acquaint myself with them very soon. Not exactly a very social person, I procrastinated the program.

One fine evening my dear neighbour called upon my house to invite me to her son’s engagement ceremony. ‘Please come tomorrow anytime after 10 a.m.’ she said. On asking her about the location of the party hall she said that it was near a particular theatre (cinema hall) that I knew quite well as I had seen it on my way to the supermarket.

I was so happy about the fact that the engagement ceremony was to be held in an area that I knew, I missed hearing the name of the party hall.

But I was quite cool about it as I knew the place and it was a narrow road with houses and shops on both sides. There could exist only one hall in that area. Now as my children had to go to school and hubby couldn’t take leave to attend the ceremony I was left on my own to fulfill the social obligations.

So the next day dawned well and I got dressed to go for the ceremony. This was the first time in my life I was attending a social event all alone. Mustering enough courage to face a crowd of unknown people I got into the car. My driver knew the place too and confidently took me there.

I saw a choultry (hall) decorated with flowers and some names written in Kannada. Born and brought up in Mumbai I can’t read the language and so bypassed it with flair.

After the driver had parked the car I got down and adjusted my dress and holding the bouquet of flowers in my left hand I was all ready to enter the hall and present the couple the bouquet and shake hands with them.

I saw a sea of people and not one single face I could recognize. Where was my neighbour, her husband, her son? I couldn’t see either of them. I slowly walked out of the hall and one lady came towards me and said, “Please come in. You can meet the couple on the first floor and the lunch is being served downstairs.”

Now who was this lady? Oh God! I looked around once again hoping to see the familiar face of my dear neighbour and was disappointed.

The woman sensed my confusion and revealed the name of the bride and the groom. The funny part was that the name of the bride and my neighbour’s name was the same. But I had come to attend her son’s engagement ceremony.

I instantly knew that this was not the ceremony that I had come to attend. I had come to the wrong party hall!

I rushed out and climbed into the car and told the driver about it. He was quite adamant and said, “This is the only party hall in this area. Madam, this is the place.”

To which I patiently told him that this couldn’t be the place as my neighbours were nowhere around. He hesitantly got out of the car and made some enquiries and found out that there happened to be another party hall just a few buildings away.

And truly there was another hall but this was not decorated and I was not even sure it was the right one. I asked the driver to wait while I slowly climbed the stairs with my fingers crossed hoping that this was the place.

As I entered the hall I saw my neighbour and I am sure everyone in the hall might have wondered why I was giving such a big colgate smile (literally grinning from ear to ear). Only I knew, how relieved I was that I had finally landed at the right party hall.

Now that I had arrived at the correct venue, I held the bouquet and with great flourish climbed on to the dais to wish the couple…


2 thoughts on “Choultry (party hall) fiasco!

  1. Incidents like these sometimes are a blessing. One day i was going to watch a movie with my wife. Reached late because of a the traffic. Found that the next three shows were full. Was frustrated and returned back through the same traffic. This time took a diversion through a route with lesser to reach home faster. Stopped by a mall for some shopping and found that the same film was running and only two seats were available. Didn’t think twice and literally plucked the tickets from the counter. That traffic was a blessing. I would never had got the tickets in the first cinema hall as the next three shows were already full.

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