It is drizzling in Bengaluru…

Rains in Bengaluru are quite unpredictable. It rained in April and May which are supposedly hot months almost all over India. I have observed a particular pattern in the rainfall here.

It rarely rains heavily in the morning. The sun shines bright from eight am to approximately 2.30 pm in the afternoon. And then the clouds start gathering in full fury.

People rush to take the clothes from the clothes line as the clothes would have dried by then. A thirty minute delay would mean damp clothes…

By three pm the clouds are all ready to pour. The air is cool and it is time to fry hot pakodas (bhajji & bonda) as any minute the downpour would start and it would turn dark outside…

The strong breeze and the drizzle turning into a heavy downpour is pretty predictable. But at times the clouds just move away with the breeze and suddenly the sky is very clear and you can see the sun shining brightly again!

The hint of rain or the mini drizzle lasts for just a few minutes. Well, the pakoda batter can go inside the fridge as the mood to eat fried stuff just disappears along with the dark clouds…

But nowadays, most of the time it rains, though not throughout the day. Which is good I guess, as it does not cause any inconvenience to the people on the go. Whether it is good for the rivers and the water levels in dams? I don’t know…

I just know that I like Bengaluru, I love the cool climate and the hide and seek of the rains…


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