‘Kannadiga Bengalooru’

Bangalore is now known as Bengaluru. ‘Uru’ means village or hometown. Bangalore sounded more urban while Bengaluru sounds typically local. Which is not bad I feel.

Anyway if you speak to any local kannadiga (people hailing from Karnataka) they would always refer to Bangalore as Bengalooru. The accent and the style in which kannadigas speak would make the pronunciation Bengalooru sound apt and very correct.

So well, now we can say that the spelling has changed to adapt to the pronunciation of the locals. Now ‘Namma Uru Bengaluru’ is something which almost all the people staying in the city would have seen, heard or said atleast once. ‘Namma’ means our and Uru like I said is the village and so the rhyme ‘Namma Uru Bengaluru’ –

I just changed it to ‘Nanna Uru Bengaluru’ in my last post where ‘Nanna’ means mine.

It is actually nice to make use of the vocabulary of the place where we stay. Each language is special and it is great fun to be able to speak the language in the exact accent. In Malayalam the ‘Ra’ is pronounced with the tongue turning inwards. So Kozhikode is ‘Korrikode’ with the ‘Ri’ said with the tongue turned inwards. It is a difficult art to master for non-keralites. I am a kannadiga married to a Keralite. I have been able to master the special pronunciation of most of their words.

So well, more about that some other time. Personally, I enjoy conversing in kannada and while I was in Dubai I missed speaking the language. Now that I have settled in Bengaluru, I am having a great time talking to one and all in Kannada!


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