‘Nanna Uru Bengaluru’

I am back to Bengaluru, India. And am I glad? Of course! This is the place where I was born and obviously I have a strong attachment to this beautiful garden city.

Relocating and writing two novels was what kept me away from writing on my blog. But I am now settled in my house and am working on my third novel.

The previous two are under perusal as I have sent the manuscript to some publishers. Now I have to catch up with my blog and my last post I had promised that I would soon upload some photos of the excellent beach at Kalba, Sharjah.

So in this post you can see the pictures.

I miss Dubai, Sharjah as it was my home away from home. The U.A.E is a beautiful country and when I look back on my stay, I realise that there is hardly anything I have to complain about that place. The conveniences, luxury and the wonderful mix of people is what I miss the most. Not to mention the clean and wide roads!

Yet, I am glad to be back to Bengaluru as it is my hometown. Also, I have a soft corner towards this city. And so I always say, “Nanna Uru Bengaluru” which means ‘my hometown Bengaluru’.

More about the same in my next post!


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