Cool Cool Dubai…

It is very cold now here in Dubai and early mornings are just chilly chilly!

No chance of stepping out without my jacket and cap. Its brrrrr….. cold.

But then these are the few months in UAE when we get to see beautiful knitted sweaters, woolen caps, exclusive jackets. I am sure most of the people staying here must be waiting for December just to bring out the jackets and coats. After nine months of storing the woolens in the almirahs, December is the time to bring them out.

The cold continues into the new year and will probably last till the end of February. I am just hoping it will extend into March too! Oh I just love the winter.

The cool climate makes Dubai Shopping Festival a success. People come from all over the world during this period and enjoy the climate in Dubai. The variety of cuisine available is something to look out for.

For people eating non-vegetarian food there is a whole big variety. Lots of choice!

I had gone to a beach in Sharjah which was quite on the border of Fujairah which is one of the emirates of the UAE.

This place is called Kalba and I will write more on that in my next post. I might just put up a few photographs too of the beautiful beach at Kalba.

So more about my trip in my next post…


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