Beautiful sunset…

Writing a novel was great fun. But editing it took quite some time. But I am done with my first novel and have started writing my second one.

After having done a lot of writing and editing I felt it was time to take a short break. The climate here in Dubai is cool now and its great fun to be outdoors. Yesterday I had been to the Mamzar beach, Dubai and the cool breeze was actually mind blowing.

The sun was just setting and the sea looked absolutely beautiful. As the huge red ball of fury dipped slowly into the cool sea, I stared at it with wonder. How many times have we all seen sunsets? Many times I am sure. But surprisingly each time it is different. Probably not different but special.

However much I tried to look around at the other people on the beach, or the children playing in the water, my gaze shifted back to the setting sun.

Some people were barbecuing meat and stuff and there was this smell of coal burning, the sound of children laughing and the waves dashing away…

I enjoyed the sunset and yet I felt melancholy for a second. But with the moon light and the breeze getting cooler, my mind was back to being positive and happy again.

The sun would rise again tomorrow and when it would get hot in the afternoon, I would wish that the sun would set and cool breeze would start blowing again…

My car was parked right on the beach and I just had to take a few steps to wet my feet in the sea. I should have taken my laptop along, or maybe a pen and a book to write a few pages of my next novel. I am sure that such a beautiful scene where nature defines itself to its optimum would make the words flow and help me in creating a beautiful book…


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