My first novel

Writing a novel is not an easy task. And I found this out when I actually started writing one!

Somewhere in August I decided, “I am gonna write a novel (fiction)” and I stuck to my decision.

Thankfully getting an idea for a story was never a problem for me. I have so many ideas and story lines. Writing a short story has always been a piece of cake for me. But writing 5000 words and then attempting to write 50 thousand words was not the same thing. Okay even if I did have a great story idea how was I going to write so many words. The thought of writing 50000 words made me keep my laptop away for a while. But then the determined sort that I am, I picked up my dear laptop again and started off with the story.

Initially. I had planned to write only as much as I could. I did have great support from my dear hubby who said, ” Okay you write 30000. Set that target and start”
Well, to that I had some great arguments like, ” Only 30000 would be a small book and come on I am writing a novel. I have to write atleast 50000 words”

So anyway I continued writing and I did have to take a break as I was travelling a lot in India and then got back and took equally long to settle back here in my home in Dubai. But the surprising part is I have managed to complete my story.

Yes! The feeling was like , I really have no idea how to explain the sentiment. I am sure many writers would know exactly what I am trying to say here.

Probably it is like “eureka” for the scientists. At least they have a word. Well, dear writers out there “do we have any such word” to shout out when we finish writing a novel?

So I am presently re-reading the whole story, finding faults, re-writing some parts and well this will take some more of my time.

And then of course I will be sending the manuscript to some good publishers. That is the regular grind I guess…

And to keep myself busy while I wait for some well known publisher to say “Yes, we will publish your work” I have another story in my mind and I am planning to write another novel 🙂

And this time I will be writing more than 50000 words for sure!


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