Early morning walk

Summer is over and it is the beginning of winter now. Just the start I could say. Early morning walks are now much more inviting and I enjoy a brisk 30 minute walk with my friend. I feel energetic after the walk mainly because of the beautiful weather. It is not so cool throughout the day and there is some humidity in the air. Yet the mornings are simply too good because of the cool breeze which greets you with open arms.

The breeze is bound to get cooler and probably in another month’s time I along with my friend would be clinging on to our jackets as we religiously complete our 30 minute walk.

Early morning walks are more fun when you have someone to talk to. I know it very well and have read it umpteen times that one should walk briskly and without talking in order to gain maximum benefit. In fact many teenagers and even the adult population have earphones plugged on and are blissfully listening to music on their iPods. Well sadly I just do not fall into that category. 😦

For one I hate plugging those things in my ears. I like to listen to music but prefer listening on the speaker. I just can’t imagine jarring sound piercing my ears through those small earphones.

Secondly I enjoy talking and discussing things with my friend which otherwise would not be possible with more friends or family around! The walk while you talk policy works fine with me!

So a small tete-a–tete and a walk combined is what makes my morning a ‘refreshing morning’ and my day a good day!

A good day to you all 🙂


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