Home sweet home!

It is just a week since I came back to Dubai and I already feel like it is a month or more. Great thing about routine is that time just flies.

In the last two months I stayed in Kerala, Bengaluru and Mumbai. Though I just love all the places in India, there is something about Dubai which is so alluring. I have grown used to the climate, the people and the culture.

I love Dubai mainly because of the conveniences it has got to offer. When I need anything, I just need to pick up the phone and call.

Whether it is grocery, doughnuts, pizza, medicines anything at all…
The supermarkets have everything from toys to vegetables to grocery items like oil, milk and bakery items too!

Whether it is Eid or Onam, Deepavali or Christmas all festivals are celebrated with zest. The multi cultural mix of people is actually very attractive.

When I first came to Dubai many years ago, I used to be very eager to visit my hometown. But lately ( though I still love visiting my country) after a while I start missing my life here in Dubai. If and when I think of settling back in India I am surely going to miss the life here in Dubai.

But for now, I am not going to sit and think of all that. I am going to enjoy all the time I am going to spend here and make the most of it!

After all this is my home away from home and I could say “Home sweet home”


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