Rain and Sunshine

It has been a long time since I wrote something on my blog. A long vacation with many social events and meetings took most of my time. Yet no reason for not writing I guess!

Well, when I left Mumbai two days ago it was raining heavily there. And when I landed in Dubai several hours later, I actually felt glad to see the dry climate. Two months of rain had taken the toll on my mind. After staying in the UAE for last so many years, I have sort of adapted to the dry climate here and though I enjoy a few hours of rain, I felt two months of rain was an overdose for me.

But, in Mumbai it rained and rained so much that all the lakes were full and overflowing. This is definitely a good sign as last year due to poor rainfall, there was great water shortage. Managing without running water 24/7 is not an easy task.

But only when there is a water cut, do we realize how precious the basic necessity is. And however much I got tired of the rain; I never for once wished it would stop. Reason being that rains meant water in the lakes and probably no water shortage for all Mumbaikars. After all I would come back to my home in the UAE and would not face the problem of water shortage which my people in Mumbai would.

So, after the rain it is time for sunshine. And here in Dubai, the sun is shining bright. Though it is hot now, soon the heat will go down and the climate will get cooler. And as I love the winter so much, I am eagerly waiting for the next couple of months to fly soon…


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