Raindrops and music…

Presently with the rain playing hide and seek in Mumbai, I was able to go out and do some shopping. There were so many monsoon offers going on at all the outlets that I was finding it difficult not to step out and take advantage of the bargain offers.

The best part about Mumbai is travelling is not difficult at all. The minute I step out from the apartment I see an auto rickshaw and I scream “Auto” and the auto stops.

An ‘auto’ or ‘rickshaw’ as it is generally termed as is the most convenient mode of travel especially when you want to travel short distances. It is a three wheel vehicle with the driver sitting in front on a single seat and the passengers on the backseat.

The seat for passengers is just about okay for 3 persons provided they are not overweight. Many a times three people who are not slim find it difficult to adjust on that seat. But in Mumbai, the “sab kuch chalta hai, thoda adjust karneka” (everything is okay, we just need to adjust a little) attitude makes it easier for people to survive.

Well it is also easier to just tell the auto driver, “one minute just wait here for a while till I pick up my dress from the tailor, or just wait I want to drop a card at the post box etc.” and chances are he will oblige with a smile at most times. Of course there are some drivers who are a bit grumpy and grumble at having to stop unnecessarily.

Travelling by a cab is not so much fun. In an auto you can feel the breeze (or the heat) and at times rain making you semi wet even while you sit inside the auto. And if you are lucky the auto would be a well decorated one with jazzy lights, good cushioned seats and music (at times a bit too loud for our taste or should I say ears!)

Well to get back to my shopping experience, it so happened that after a good many hours, with 4-5 shopping bags in hand, an umbrella and my handbag, I was desperately trying to stop an auto. Luckily I got an auto and as I arranged all the bags behind the seat (yes there is enough space to keep 4-5 bags) and settled down for the ride I could feel the raindrops on my face…

I sat in the auto completely relaxed, enjoying the rain as well as the loud music in the auto accompanied by blaring sounds from other drivers honking away…


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