A warm welcome…

As the cab speeded past the airport towards my hotel, the light drizzle and the cool breeze made me ask the cab driver to open the windows and shut off the Air conditioner. Why would one need artificial cooling in such a cool place I wondered?

The simple city which I had known from my childhood seemed to be developing more and more each time I saw it. Yet through those Metro rail projects, the increased traffic on roads, I could see the beauty and simplicity of the city which has been so close to my heart.

Bengaluru and its people are basically simple. You will find that people in Bengaluru are very accommodating and helpful. They always have a smile on their face and are rarely agonized. They seem happy in their world and always welcome people to their house and city. You will definitely receive a warm welcome…

This I am stating about the locals there and not about all the people who have come in from other states to settle in Bengaluru. Though I am sure after a while of staying with the locals, the outsiders too would slowly tend to lose their tense attitude and learn to relax like the locals.

People who have visited Bengaluru have always felt the urge to revisit the city. Something about the city, probably the courteous nature of people draws people and makes them feel like settling there forever.

Many of them have come to this city to earn their living. Due to the booming IT sector, people from all over India have been able to acquire jobs in Bengaluru. There are hardly any rules and restrictions and probably one of the states in India where you can survive comfortably without speaking the local language.

People are looking at investing in the real estate with the hope of seeing a steep hike in the price of houses. Businesses are doing extremely well. Bengaluru has become one of the most sought after cities in India now for most people. Also the climate of Bengaluru is the major attraction for people coming from more humid cities.

Even with the malls, the metro and the massive development I could still see the city basking in its basic warmth and laid back attitude! That is exactly what I love about Bengaluru…


2 thoughts on “A warm welcome…

  1. i just love the fresh air of banglore.
    loved the way u descibed banglore. all the seasons in banglore rock.
    i like everything about banglore. i just love it. keep writing.

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