Coffee time!

As soon as I stepped out of the airport at Bengaluru, a cool breeze greeted me. It was like a natural air conditioner. The heat in Dubai especially towards end of June and onwards is unbearable. So the fact that I had been able to escape from the summer heat was itself gratifying.

Bengaluru generally is never too hot. This I may state especially after having seen summer heat in the UAE. The Bengaluru airport is situated at Devanahalli, which is quite far away from the main city and so the weather is much cooler and cleaner there.

Obviously as I tend to be partial towards cooler climates, I will be singing words of praise for my favourite city in India, Bengaluru!

And then, there is that steaming hot cup of filter coffee, the aroma of which is indescribable. Bengaluru is more of a coffee place and though people drink tea, it is the coffee which tastes better at all homes and restaurants.

Dubai has many cafes hosting innumerable varieties of coffee. Yet it is this simple filter coffee that tastes the best.

The garden city as Bengaluru is so famously known as is now an IT hub. People from many other states in India have come down to Bengaluru and settled here for good. It has made the city more fast and lively…

But it is the slow and simple life that used to exist earlier that I miss. Somehow though the new trends and pace has improved the lifestyle and made the city a convenient place to settle in, it is the simplicity which still lurks around many corners which is more attractive…

Some more on Bengaluru in my next post!


One thought on “Coffee time!

  1. You bet … nothing beats the simple filter coffee of the Udipi joints , or the coffee powder brought from the local seller. Beautiful!

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