Beat the heat!

It has been a while since I wrote something on my blog. I was busy visiting relatives in India. Finally as I had mentioned I am now in a place where it is raining cats and dogs.

It is extremely hot in Dubai and to beat the heat, the best time for people to take a vacation. Here in Mumbai the rains come and go. Very rarely it rains for 24 hours at a stretch unlike in Kerala where when it starts raining it doesn’t stop soon. The greenery in Kerala was something I loved the most…

Also I was in Bengaluru for a while. The weather is beautiful there and the rains too! It usually rains after around 3 pm and so people can actually enjoy the warmth of the sun until afternoon. It is not hot there and the climate is very pleasant…

So to get back to Mumbai, today it did not rain and I was able to step out and finish some of my shopping. Rains in Mumbai are totally unpredictable and if there is a high tide, water logging is inevitable.
As of now, I am enjoying my vacation…

Will write about my experiences in Mumbai…Soon I hope 🙂


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