Rising Temperatures…

It is very hot now in the UAE. The temperatures are expected to soar and there is no hope for respite. Schools will close in a couple of weeks and expatriates will rush home to winter or rain. This year the temperatures are quite high and are expected to rise much higher…

In Saudi Arabia, the temperatures are expected to go up to 80 degrees Celsius in the desert areas. This seems almost impossible and I am hoping that this is just a rumour. Hopefully ‘shamaal’ the northerly winds will reduce the temperatures. These winds make the weather cooler.

The heat wave is making waves in the society and people are discussing temperatures…

With the rising temperatures, people feel exhausted, irritated and tired. Even though the offices, homes, malls and cars have Air conditioners, the heat inevitably affects us.

While I sit in the air conditioned comfort of my home writing this post I can see the sun glaring angrily through the windows. I like my house to be bright and not gloomy and avoid thick curtains which block away the sunlight totally and make the apartment dark.

Though I dread to step out in the sun, yet I welcome the light that it gives. It makes me feel good and positive. Dark gloomy interiors could be quite depressing at times. I like the breeze, the sun and I hope I will learn to love the rain too!

After a while I will be in a country where it will be raining cats and dogs. I will be writing about rain and hopefully I will be as positive as I am today writing about the heat wave in Dubai…


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