Portions and formulae…

Naina Nair, Hindustan Times
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Mumbai, April 07, 2010

Portions and formulae

Reva went on flicking the pages of her textbook. She had her final exams tomorrow. She was supposed to sit and study. She still had to revise eight chapters. She opened the book. There was no way Jiten could enter her thoughts. He was her classmate and best friend. She had known him since she was in her primary class.

He was a gem of a person and she always confided in him. Over the years, they had grown fond of each other. She slowly turned the pages. What was happening to her? She felt like meeting Jiten. But then, she had seen him only yesterday. What was wrong with her?

She felt like talking to him. She stared at the phone wondering if she should pick it up and dial his number. She could feel her heart thudding away. She felt like she was in the science lab mixing some portions as per the given formulae and waiting for some chemical reaction to take place. The textbook fell off her hand.

She got up and started pacing. She had to fight this feeling and start studying. She would see Jiten in college tomorrow anyway. Her knees felt weak. She sat down on the bed. In all these years that she had known Jiten, she had never felt anything like this. Now what she was feeling was love, a kind of pull.
She wanted to score well in the exam, but her feeling for Jiten was creating havoc within her. She had a Chemistry exam the next day. Relationships were like chemical reactions. If the right portions were added, keeping with the formula, the experiment would succeed. But in some cases, there could be an error that could lead to an explosion. How similar to our human reactions!

She was adding the love portion to the formula of friendship and wondering what the reaction could be. It could blend well or it could blast. Instead of working out the reactions in her mind, she would tell him about the special feelings she had been having for him of late.

Tomorrow after her exam, she would confide in him. She knew there would be a reaction. The only thing was she didn’t know what it could be. But she had decided to take the test. She took the Chemistry textbook and started studying. She was going to prepare herself for “chemistry” tomorrow.

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