The Sun and the Wind…

I mentioned in my last post that the heat here in Dubai is rising with no respite. And all of a sudden the climate changed. It is windy and there is a nice breeze blowing outside. The skies decided to crack a couple of clouds and it drizzled too!

Now how do I connect this to heat and anger? Well just like at times when we get toooooo angry and suddenly cool down, I guess the weather decided to cool down a bit by bringing in lot of wind and a bit of rain. The wind is lashing away though the drizzle was temporary like a trailer….

So nature has its own techniques of cooling down. We too have our own special ways of calming down after a spate of anger. Some people cool down instantly after an outburst. Probably they have some internal cooling system!

Each person reacts differently in anger. No person is angry at all times. Anger is just a phase which comes and goes too soon. Wish the summer heat could go as soon!

Though I detest the extreme heat of summer, I like the warmth of the sun on a winter day. Like an ice maiden with a warm heart…

The wind and the drizzle are all for a few days. The scorching heat is going to show up again. Just like the story of the ‘Sun and the Wind’ where we all know who won…

Until then I am going to enjoy this breeze and look up to see if there are any dark clouds hovering about…waiting to dampen the hot desert with their outburst 🙂


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