Heat of Anger

It is hot now in Dubai. The outside temperature is rising with no respite. Oh! I have to wait until October to enjoy the cool breeze…

The heat always reminds me of hot tempers. We all get angry. Don’t we? For some, I would say anger is on the tip of their nose. Like a red spot. Imagine a volcano. Nice cone shaped and sober. And then suddenly it erupts. Molten lava flowing out….

Anger is a common trait in all of us. Most of us burst out just like a firecracker. Only thing is our anger lasts longer. The sparks are long lasting and hurtful at times….

Why do we lose our temper? Is it because things do not happen the way we want them to? People around us do not behave as we would like them to? Is that why we get angry?

At times we get angry with ourselves too. Our behavior or things happening in our life which are not in our control irk us.

Rather than trying to control the feeling of anger, we could first try to control our reaction while we are angry. Taking deep breaths and trying to relax would actually bring down the level of temper. But it is very difficult to do so when we are boiling with rage.

Words when uttered in anger could be really bitter and could leave a permanent scar on someone you love. When we are very angry with a person who we would not want to hurt, I would suggest- ‘go for a walk’

A brisk walk calms you down and you can come back later and speak your point of view without hurting the other person and also evaluate the reason for your anger.

I have lost my temper many a times and have relentlessly spoken long unwanted speeches which I have regretted later….

But of late I have calmed down a lot and am able to hold my anger and my words (which are my strength). I have decided to use this strength of mine in writing down my feelings, thoughts and emotions rather than trying to vent it out in anger and turning my strength into a weapon (or should I say weakness).

After all ‘A pen is mightier than the sword’- it’s true….Words have tremendous power…and we need to use it correctly for making, building and not destroying….


3 thoughts on “Heat of Anger

  1. i don get angry eaisly.. but wen i do i am highly destructive.. i feel like HULK. Strong no pain. The damage caused in my anger is very controlled.. i can always digest and ignore anything about myself but not about the very special people in my life. In a way i feel that such an anger is worth it. Not every one can rise temp to such heights.. the anger had no selfish intentions.. it is well directed. Such an anger is important for a few surrounded by a society which keeps on criticising.. it can put a full stop to anyone and will make them think twice.. infact anger in a woman is more dangerous as it comes in diff form and tat is through words.. direct like an arrow to the heart of the opposite..
    Pen is mightier than sword but but pen writes only wen ink is there.. a sword is always sharp n ready wen miss used will cut them without mercy..
    I would prefer a sword and a pen at the other end.. just like a pencil wid rubber..
    A sword needs a worthy human to hold.. meaning a sword in wrong hands can cause excessive destruction.. i mean the one who prefers an attitude like a swords needs the control in mind.. well directed and also aware of the consequences.. a pen is safe may have less impact but it stays forever..

  2. Shedi,

    There is a lot of pain, hurt stored inside you. that is one of the reasons for violent reaction when angry. Generally all people get angry when things do not happen their way. Or if people do not behave the way they expect or want. We must learn to make our mind strong enough to tackle such expectations. Each one of us deep in our hearts know what is right and what is wrong. We just need to continue doing what is right. Our conscience knows…so we trust our conscience and move ahead. Rules and regulations about social behaviors and character analysis, has been made by hypocrites. No need to follow and no need to reciprocate or react. Reacting in anger will only harm us and never the other person. Lashing out either verbally, in writing or in action are wrong and dangerous as it will definitely cause a lot of pain both to the self and others. Blaming, insinuating, insulting or degrading someone in any manner is wrong again and considered as a negative action. It also shows lack of love, trust and understanding in humans beings.

    Our focus should be on working on our behaviour and attitude. We cannot change people…that should not be our objective. Our goodness will sooner or later reflect on everyone around us and make things alright…

    A woman is very emotional and has been restricted through ages in many areas. This has caused her to suppress a lot of emotions which eventually in a given situation comes out in the form of ugly words.

    Humans are very complicated…emotions are complex…

    Not to get entangled in the web and fixing high career and personal goals should be the objective.
    Always remember indisputable law of karma…What goes out comes back…so wait and watch 😉

    Take care shedi,

    Do not be vulnerable to situations, people and emotions. Take control of your life…


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