A ray of light…

I couldn’t find my way
The darkness engulfed me
Everywhere my eyes searched
But alas! Could not see

Wish I could see a ray of light
Would I then scream in delight?
What was I looking for?
Not a thing I could see

My eyes wide open, I stared
In the darkness I dared
All the while I wondered
What did I want to see?

Then I closed my eyes
And at once there was light
Within me, I could see
A ray of light, so bright

My mind had been so dark
I had been unable to see
Slowly I opened my eyes
And Lo! Now I could see

I followed the light with open eyes
As I knew what I wanted to see
I had desired for a glow of peace
Within me, around me

Radiant light all around
My yearning I had found
Every step so sure, so right
‘Coz peace was what awaited me……


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