Plus or Minus?

Changing moods are a part of human nature. But too much fluctuation might just prove to be a bit difficult for us to handle. Though we seek excitement and thrill in life, a corner of our mind thrives on stability.

We feel secure and like to bask in the warmth of stability. A stable life with things almost remaining the same or improving…
But at the same time do we maintain our moods in this manner? Very few would. We get excited, cry, laugh, scream and so on ….at times all in one single day!
For some all this could happen in maybe less than an hour’s time…

But such extreme mood swings means that the person is highly strung and vulnerable to the changes happening in life…
This is where I feel we need to get hold of ourselves and soothe our emotions. Instinctively we react to occurrences in life and lose control of our emotions.

A calm mind is what we have to seek. The thousands of thoughts cluttered in our mind have to be sorted out. Thoughts are essential but without a sorting system everything goes awry and we lose total control of our emotion and react in different manners.

This happens with all of us. When at any time you feel you are thinking of various things and feel unable to bring focus on any particular thought or action, you just need to seek help from within. Only you can help yourself.

Just take the effort to calm your mind. Nothing can be or has been achieved by thinking of hundreds of things at once.
Sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes and focus. De-clutter your mind. Sort out your thoughts. Make your mind calm and peaceful. Initially you might find this quite difficult. Try to think of one good thing and focus your thought on that.
Soon it will become easier. You will see a more peaceful and positive you! After this there won’t be many incidents when your moods swing so often. You will feel positive….

And your positive energy and thought will reflect in your words and action and on the people around you…
Positive is always a + so just push out those minuses – – – and try to achieve the ++++

We all like to add and really do not like to subtract even while doing a math sum. Isn’t it?
Adding is easier and fun….so add that ++++ to your life and see how it multiplies!


2 thoughts on “Plus or Minus?

  1. Hai naina,
    loved what u have written,man.gng thru a bad phase o man it is tough all charged up frm u.good for u.bye take care.
    the poem is too good too,from the hrt. ok then!

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