Mind your mood…

A roller coaster ride! One moment I was down and the next I was up. This reminded me of people and their moods.
I do not like this ride at all though I liked the part where I was on top looking at the world feeling literally on top of the world. Could I always be there? Guess not…

But the ride down was inevitable and I had to come down from the top. So what could I do to come down smoothly without the feeling of uneasiness in the pit of my stomach???

Mood changes are a part of human nature and the change from laughter to tears is at times too soon. Why does our mood change so much? Why can’t we be just the same always? Happy always….

It is quite difficult, though not impossible. Sentiments and emotions play a great role in altering our mood.

The solution to this….

It is our mind that controls our emotions and feelings. We can control our mind. Just like the guy changing the controls on the roller coaster where at times we come down and go up in good speed and other times the whole ride is quite slow….

Situations and circumstances make us laugh and cry. Laughing and being happy is perfect but the tears??? When at any moment we feel sad, all we need to do is think of that ride up and the view from there…

And while we absorb the beautiful view from top, all we need to do is visualize the same thing happening again….And you realize that though you came down you never felt the queasiness or the fear….

The ride down was smooth because of the positive thought that dominated your mind. Similarly in life when we see that there is a chance of going downhill, just think of the excitement of going up again and your mood might not change at all.

Situations, circumstances are all generally unavoidable. But our control on our mind is in our hands .It is we who can control our mind and our moods…
So think positive, feel positive and be happy…

Will think more on this and write in detail on how to control our mind and our moods……


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