I guess my special reader Saya is a bit upset after reading my latest post (Down in the dumps)….
Yeah, I am generally quite positive but at times life just seems just so sad and well 😦
But I am back to normal and totally +++++++++++++ now 🙂

Well today is special for me as it is my birthday!
I woke up absolutely positive ready to enjoy the day. While many people feel that birthday means a year of your life reduced, I feel it is gaining an extra year of good experiences and feelings….

Life is meant for living. So live it as positively as possible. Look for the positive in the negative. You think it is not possible? It is believe me…
It takes time for us to realize that there are so many hidden positive energies in the negative happenings in life…

We are trapped in the negative energy and fail to see the light…We enjoy the darkness and the sorrow and try to go deeper and deeper into it as though trying to punish ourselves…
There is no need for that…it is absolutely not required.

I was supposed to be on a trip for two days enjoying at a beach resort for my birthday…
Some events made it impossible for me to go and I had to stay put in the house 😦

If I had taken this negatively I would have had a truly sad birthday. But my family tried their best to make the day special and that was what finally mattered…

A loving family who loves you enough to do something special for you on your birthday…..
There is nothing on this earth that can replace the love and affection we receive from our loved ones…
My friends, my family all wished me a great year ahead…….

I am feeling quite peaceful after having spent the entire day with close ones 🙂
I am as positive as I could be and I hope I will not be disappointing my special readers anytime too soon….


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