Down in the dumps…

It has been a while since I have written something on my blog. I think the climatic changes; fluctuations actually have left me melancholy.

We all feel sad and depressed at times. Sometimes we have a reason like illness in the family, job dissatisfaction, financial problems and so on. But many a times for no reason at all we simply feel low and sulk around.

Why do we do this? Something triggers inside our mind and we just let go of all controls and go into depression.

“Oh! I am totally depressed.” I have heard this so many times. I too feel sad and do not feel like doing any work at all on some days though I would say such occasions are rather rare. But around me I have seen many people who often say they are feeling miserable and down in the dumps….

While some rare few people are unable to come out of this depression, many others easily jump out of it. Such ups and downs in our emotions leave us exhausted. All our energy is wasted on such negative emotions.

Is there an easy way out of this? I really do not know. But meditation, prayers and positive thoughts help us feel peaceful and happy again. It is finally a play of the mind.

We control our mind and yet there are times when our mind takes over and decides that it is time for that downhill walk. And then the mind slips down to the lowest depth and makes us feel depressed.

Life is anyway not a smooth journey on a paved path. There are bound to be rocks and stones and the road to life need not be absolutely smooth.

But we are strong enough to cross those boulders and tread back on to the smooth path and walk towards a positive and bright light….


3 thoughts on “Down in the dumps…

  1. Very true….
    The power of mind is truly amazing. When u have control over ur mind it can do wonders and when u allow negative thoughts to take control its the worst thing that can happen to you.
    positive and negative thoughts keep controlling our mind. All we need is,have confidence in ourselves and as you have rightly pointed out involve in meditation.

  2. i definitely love your writing kind, very exciting.
    don’t quit and keep creating for the simple reason that it just very well worth to follow it,
    looking forward to browse even more of your current content pieces, have a good one 🙂

  3. wht happened man?.u make me strng.this man ohoho surely not ++++++++++naina.get writing something+++++.i wil wait for it!!!!!!.bye & take care.

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