Sandstorm fury….

After the ice rain it was the turn of the sandstorm to show its fury. Last few days it has been foggy and dusty. Yes, a dust storm is brewing over the UAE and all the high rises are surrounded by a thin film of dust. The wind is accompanied by fine dust and it is difficult for people having asthma or breathing problems to step out. My balcony which had been so full of ice pieces is now layered with dust.

Hey I am not complaining. Though it is dusty the chill in the air is gratifying. The cool breeze is welcome and I am enjoying it to the utmost as I know it is a short spell before the summer heat begins.

At present as I am writing this post the sun is shining bright and my room is filled with warm sunlight. The air is cool and I would say it is perfect weather as the dust storm also seems to have disappeared. Or probably taking a short break!

I do not know what makes me write about climate and then relate it to life. I feel like it is all linked together.

The warmth of the sun makes us feel secure and yet when the warmth turns to peak summer heat it could burn our skin.

It is the same with the winter. Chill in the air is fine as long as it doesn’t sting. We love the rains but hate the aftermath- flooding and water logging problems.

So exactly what do we want? We want the weather to be warm with a dash of cool breeze and at times sprinkled by rain showers…

Just the way we humans are!! We have a warm heart which at times gets cold and then we shed tears.

The summer, winter and rain all encompassed in one person as an emotion……


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