Ice Rain….

I have to get used to the fluctuating climate here in Dubai before I think of writing about changing moods….

Just as I packed away my winter clothes and stepped out to buy suntan lotion I heard the sound of thunder.

Yes, you people have to believe me. And then it was followed by lightning and thunder. I had no time to think which came first or which was more recurrent. I rushed home to avoid getting drenched by the downpour which seemed so imminent. It was like any moment the dark clouds would burst open to a sea of rain…

The rain lashed away in full fury as if trying to seek some kind of revenge. I was so busy locking away the windows I almost missed the sudden change in the sound of the rain. What was that clanking sound? As if stones were being hurled…

Yes of course it had to be hailstones! I opened the balcony door to see ice cubes, not exactly in the shape of a cube but real large ice pieces and there were more and more hurtling away…..

Ice rain… hmmm… that sounded better. The chill was back and was icy too….

The experience I would say was absolutely thrilling and I heard sounds of exclamations as people screamed with delight at the sight of hailstones….. It was euphoria personified…

Winter, summer ….here I was thinking of either of these and this unexpected rain was something I had not anticipated at all…

Now how do I relate this to life? I would say it is like a special unforeseen thrill with an added bonus!! The hailstones were the bonus and the rain was absolutely terrific.

Or should I say, “Nature at its angriest, crying its heart out. The hurt so strong and deep the tears had turned into ice.”


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