The winter is slowly taking a bow. I love winter and feel a bit low when it is time to bid goodbye to the cool breeze.

Just last week it felt like winter just disappeared and summer suddenly barged in. But again the cool breeze swept in and I felt great relief that it was after all going to be a slow change in the climate. I still had time to make my mind accept the fact that the next 5 to 6 months would be getting hotter and hotter here in Dubai, UAE. The sweaters, jackets and shawls would be replaced by crisp cottons, and of course the umbrella, sunglasses and suntan lotion!!

An unanticipated change in climate at times takes you by surprise. Imagine a bright sunny day when you make plans to go out for a stroll and the minute you step out you are drenched with unexpected showers. I have faced this quite often in Mumbai, India. The weather in Mumbai is just like its other facets – totally unpredictable.

We wish that life too could have a slow transition just like winter changes to summer and rain to spring and so on depending on the geographical factors. At times life does have a systematic trend and seems to be going as per plans and schedules. But not always…….

Just like the weather, certain occurrences in life take us by surprise. Some sudden incident makes us feel happy and cheerful. But at times there are some changes which are not so positive and we find it difficult to accept the situation and it leaves us sad and melancholy…

But we accept nature and its rapid changes. I have always felt exhilaration when there is a sudden change in climate. Sudden rain showers or an unexpected cool breeze …..

It is similar in life. We are so bored or maybe used to our routines and probably find it a bit too soothing when suddenly something happens…

Some untoward incident which could leave us smiling or with tears in our eyes…

The fear of the unexpected being bad is what makes us hate surprises and what makes routine so safe and heavenly…..

Well now coming back to the climate, I am feeling a wee bit sad as I pack away my winter clothes.

Hey but in a few months time it will again be winter… 🙂

Our mood changes are worse than the climatic changes or change in routine life. Isn’t it?

Maybe next time I will delve into this subject of fluctuating moods…???


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