Haven’t we all heard of coincidences? It is strange that at times we feel something and that very thing just happens. The other day I picked up the phone to call my brother and at the same time he too was trying to call me. It was only when I disconnected that his call came through. We both were trying to reach each other at the same moment. This has happened many a times……

At times when I feel like having a heart to heart talk to my mother and I log on to chat with her, I find out that she had logged in too at the same time to talk to me. These are the coincidences in life which never fail to amaze me…..

So when I ponder over this I feel that when we are emotionally close to a person we are connected to that person. The physical distance between two people who are connected doesn’t matter. There is a particular energy which is like a tug or a pull which is always lying hidden in special relationships. The person is always there in our thoughts and in the back of our mind. There is a special link….

Life itself is a whole set of coincidences. Small things like wishing to watch a movie and when you switch on the television you find the same movie being aired. You feel like eating something and reach home to find that mom has already made it for you.

At times coincidences could leave us sad…… But there will be innumerable small coincidences which always make us happy. We need to savour those and feel good about life….

I am sure each one of us must be facing such situations and wondering whether it was just a coincidence….

It is not always just a coincidence is what I feel. It is much more. It is that special link which draws us to do a thing or feel something, or makes things happen…..

So instead of going deeper into this topic, I believe I would love to just leave this here and leave all of you wondering about the coincidences in your life…


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