With the Valentine’s Day approaching soon most people out there might be preparing for the ‘D’ day, buying special gifts for their loved ones……

Earlier it used to be a special day for a couple, married or otherwise. Two love birds confessing their love for each other……

Why restrict love for love birds? Love exists in every relationship, between parents and children, siblings, friends……

Love is an emotion, a sentiment where two people are enveloped in a bond. We spend our life going about doing things and following certain routines. This day is special, because it gives us a reason to step away from the rigmarole of life and bring a smile on the face of our loved one by making the day special.

The sign of a heart, the beautiful heart shape, a symbol of love…..

Love between two people is symbolized by the closeness and the feeling of being special in the other person’s heart…..It is about being connected.

Feelings and emotions are immeasurable and you could never say I love you this much or that much. If love exists, your eyes will speak; your words and actions will emphasize the sentiment…..

The reason we exist and relate to some people in our life is because we know that life is important and the people in our lives are special. It is because of love that there is a reason to live and it is this sentiment which ties us to our loved ones……..

Just feel the love and don’t fail to express it …. Though the other person can see your love, a few words of love would bring immense pleasure and contentment…..

So go out and say those magical words “I love you” to all your loved ones…..



2 thoughts on “VALENTINE’S DAY……

  1. I liked this post very much. I think it will be easy for those who are in love or experienced love to understand this emotion.

    Love can be seen in the eyes and also the heart starts beating faster (extra beats!!!) 🙂

    But is it necessary to celebrate Valentines day? It’s like western is my opinion.

    No need of celebration between husband and wife, parents and children. It’s towards them is from the bottom of our heart. We love them more than anything.

    I feel a mother’s love for her child is the greatest….

    with love,

    • Hello cseena,

      I am glad you liked the post. Love is not a restricted emotion and I am sure people all over the world have felt love for someone or the other at least once in their entire lifetime.

      Valentine’s Day is special because it gives all of us an excuse to celebrate the deepest emotion “Love”.

      Though love is understood between married couples, a special day devoted to speak of love and togetherness could bring in a sparkle in the relationship……

      Love as I have said is a sentiment and can be felt in any relationship and for any person…..

      For each person it will be different……That is what is so magical about love!!



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