A comment on my blog made me think about siblings. Sibling rivalry and love….

It has got to be a coincidence that we love and hate our siblings with so much enthusiasm. So how does it all start? Sibling rivalry or inconceivable love amongst siblings….

At birth itself? Yeah, or maybe even before. After receiving special individual attention for some years when a child is made to understand that there is another person who will be joining in and sharing all the attention, love and yes toys too, it sound like a major setback. Yet, the anticipation of seeing “the wonder sibling” rises. And when the new arrival takes away most of the attention, the child realizes that life is not going to be easy henceforth.

It is all going to be for the new one. Sharing would mean giving away….Giving all the love, attention and every material possession…

But there is a special feeling towards siblings which defeats all other feelings… A feeling of togetherness…dependence…

I would say it is a feeling of security to have someone like you whom you can rely on. Your own brother or sister who would stand by you always…or the other way round….where you need to stand and hold his hand or comfort him…give him strength…..

However much we fight with our siblings we need them too. They are like the branches of a tree and we all need to be together to hold the tree strong on its roots. One has to support the other and build up a strong relationship. This is a lifetime bond unlike the other relationships we have. There will be lots of differences, comparisons and various other issues.

But all these are just superficial and we need to look deep inside to see the special link… the bond…

Like Saya (comment on “Are you a happy person?”) said, “We can’t leave them and we can’t love them”

We cannot leave them, true but it is because we love them that we cannot leave them…

So when we feel we don’t love our siblings or they don’t love us….. We need to double check with our heart….

Just look inside to see if there is hatred or love and if there is hatred sit back and sort it out. A sibling is like the shadow we see on the street while we stand or walk. The image on the wall in a semi dark room, our own mirror image….

A part of us, a part of the family….There has to be a connection…Just look…without prejudice and with patience…the bond is bound to be there………. ‘Coz we are bound by the bond…..


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