Oh! Am I stuck?

It has been a while since I have written something on my blog. Have been unable to pen my thoughts and I have been wondering why…..

Is this what is called the writer’s block? “The creative juices have stopped flowing and there is a major block”, is what I have heard from fellow writers. I always thought “this is something that’s not going to happen with me.” I will always go on writing and never feel the ‘block’. And here I am stuck with the block for the last 10 days……

Now exactly why this happens or what happens for this “block” to happen is something I could not perceive. I take my laptop and open a word document and start banging on the keys…..

When I read what I have written, I realize that it is not my regular style. The thoughts, the flow, the emotion everything seems to have gone missing!!

It is like a thirsty person in the dry hot desert with a parched throat looking for water…

A strange constriction as if someone is throttling you……It is something which is very difficult to express….

It is like the spider’s web all entangled and yet there is a way to come out of it…

Reminds me of the “find the way out of this puzzle” in children’s magazines…..

At times the mind goes blank! No thoughts! Hmmmmm now how is that possible?

Maybe I am stuck with some particular idea? No, I don’t think so….

Something seems to be stuck….

Guess it is the thought……
Stuck in the mind along with hundreds of other thoughts trying to come out, yet unable to…

Yes! This is the Writer’s block! A need to express and put it in words being stifled by the “stuck thought”

I am a fighter and I am going to come out of this. No stuck thought or stifled idea is going to hold me back from writing my views.

The creative juices will start flowing again and words will pour out like magic………


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