Are you a happy person?

How do we define people in our lives? We do say about some people “Oh! He is a sad person”. What exactly do we mean by that? Sad person………. The person is sad about something or the person is generally sad about everything or rather feeling sad at all times…..

And then there are people who are always smiling and seem happy. We are attracted to such persons. We feel a strong pull when we are around people who give out positive energy. We feel good you no… like as if something is just right and that maybe nothing might go wrong or something like that….

Now when I actually sit and think, are those ‘sad people’ really sad and those ‘happy people’ really happy? Yes after a lot of thought I felt it is true that when people say “he is sad”, the person is usually not a very happy person and maybe looks for things in life to feel sad about.

A happy person on the other hand would look for all the positive signs in life and think of ways to be happy. Every person will have his sad and happy moments in life. At times situations are so distressing that even the happiest person would shed a tear or two and feel gloomy. But a happy person would look for happiness in the sorrow and try to influence others who are facing similar situations.

I actually like to be happy and try my best to be happy at all times. I look for the happy moments in the sad ones and at times it gets reflected in my writing too. Saya has out of curiosity asked me (in a comment on “Time just flies….”) if I am a happy person. Yes. I would say I am a happy person but have had sad moments like all of you….I have gathered a lot of strength from sad situations in life and have not allowed these situations to take away my happiness……

We have to seek happiness in life. Happiness comes from within us. We have to look for it and feel it. It is very easy to feel sad and depressed and very difficult to be happy and spread happiness around us.

Choose the difficult path as it has a beautiful end. When we watch a movie don’t we all wish that however difficult the life of the people in the movie, the movie would end on a positive note? It is our basic human instinct which seeks happiness in everything around.

There are so many people out there who are facing so many problems and difficulties. Not all are sad. Amongst them you will find a few who have that smile, a special positive energy which says “I am gonna come out of this….” Look for that sign……It is there right within you….


2 thoughts on “Are you a happy person?

  1. yo man wht happened????.are u ok?searching ur blog after long time,was out trvling.u are so +++++.why no post.i had fight wittha my brother.they really take evrythng,dont give space man?wt u say .u cant lve them & u cant love them right!!,

    • Hello Saya,

      Ya sure I am ok. Was stuck with the writer’s block I guess. Also had loads of work!! But I guess that’s just not an excuse for not posting anything on my blog! Will write something sooooon.



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