Essence of Friendship…….

Friendship must be based purely on trust and faith. If at some time in a close friendship, we feel that the friend is not true to us or anything on those lines, we need to sit back and think. If we were close to some person and accepted the person as a close friend surely there must have been some traits that we were attracted to or something that made us like the person so much.

So what was it that went wrong? Has the person changed or is it that the situation has made us look at things differently. First we need to make sure that we haven’t changed or started thinking differently. And then again what is stopping us from confronting the close friend with whatever the problem or hurt is all about?

We must just seek out the friend and have a heart to heart talk. Surely there must have been some misunderstanding. And if we cannot sit and talk openly or discuss a problem freely with our close friend, then that friendship is better shelved. I would say it never was a close friendship and nor is it worth the pain.

Resentments, doubts, expectations, secrets all kill a relationship. If we accept that a relationship is important to us and it is special then we must work towards maintaining it and not expect anything from the opposite person. A successful relationship is all about unconditional love. It is difficult I know. But it is not impossible…..

Friendship is a bond which is special and is completely unlike all other bonds in our life. Friends are those special links with whom we can connect, share and grow…..

So dear friends, go on and make friends, hold on to those you already have and seek out that special friend who means the most to you….


2 thoughts on “Essence of Friendship…….

  1. Our SUCCESS at friendship ,love – of course almost all activities we attempt is largely determined by our own self image. People who have confidence in their personal worth seems to be magnets for success——————————————————

    Read it completely in our blog and add your valuable comments too

  2. I appreciate your thoughts. Yes ofcourse friendship remains for ever only if you are true to your friend. Always give the whole of yourself and I feel if you dont get the same back, you should really think over.

    My best suggestion for it is give to time and space for a friend to reveal your ownself so that they can feel confident in confiding in you.

    Happy friendship

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