Board Exams- 3

Dear student,

The pressure of giving a board exam seems so much smaller to me now after so many years. The journey of life has many more ups and downs which each one of us will face. At your age for you now the exam is all that you can think of and you feel it is the biggest thing in the world. It is a big thing because you climb up higher and move towards a bright future. But not so big……

Now you study without taking stress or tension. Be calm. When you get very tensed or worried, sit and pray for a while or meditate. You are superior. You can control your mind and your thoughts. So go about calmly and work out a sensible strategy to study for the exams.

Relax. After all it is just an exam…..

Once your exams are over, stop thinking about the results. You do not know what it is going to be. So why bother? Go out and live your life and enjoy yourself. The results will come when they have to come and till then there is no need to think about it as surely you can’t change it just by thinking about it.

You are a child and you need not think like an adult. Be like the 2nd grader who does his homework, packs his bag and starts playing. So study, give your exams and go out and enjoy……

Finally I would say, life has many phases and the board exams are just one of them. So dear student study as much as you can …… not more not less….leave the rest to destiny…It will take care of you….

My best wishes to you………….


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