Friends Friends………..

There is something very special about friends and friendship. Friends are like the fresh rain drops, the early morning dew and a breath of fresh air……Friends or rather friendship cannot be defined.

Everybody in the world has friends. Some are best friends; some are just about ok like what you would call good friends, while some are mere acquaintances. I have always felt that there can be only one best friend. But I have heard many people saying “they are my best friends”………..

We might feel like there are maybe two, three or more best friends. But if we actually sit back and think, there is one special amongst all those three or more friends we consider as the best.

What do you look in a friend or rather a friendship? For me a best friend is one:

With whom I can share my doubts and fears and confide my secrets.

Who understands me and never makes me feel insecure about my limitations.

Who makes me feel special by accepting me the way I am

Never leaves my side and supports me at all times in whatever way possible….

Friendship is a relationship in which there are no rules and restrictions.

At times we feel that our best friend has said or done something that has hurt us. We expect that our friends do this or do that and then we slowly start feeling disappointment and get upset when our expectations are not met………

Sibi in his comment (on Time just flies….) has mentioned about the lack of sincerity in this new age friendship that he has observed. So what do we do when we face this situation in friendship?

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2 thoughts on “Friends Friends………..

  1. Yaar I feel like if we keep our heart a bit more open one can have more then one best friend. I myself have more then one best friend because the term best in itself explains everything. Also your best friend is a reflection of you try it………….

  2. seeing this blog reminds me of the time me & my friends sweated it out in the football field in the was it good!!.write more.really do like ur talk!!.

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