Time just flies……

The New Year is here and in a few days it will be mid January. Time just flies… Or doesn’t it? Depends on what each person is doing I presume. Time is one resource we cannot replenish. It just passes…and there is no way we can turn back the clock. Time gone is gone forever……..

Time goes at its pace. During exams, whether while studying for the paper or while writing it, time always flies…It is our outlook. At times we feel time has stopped and life is at a standstill. The passing of time, the ticking of the clock is an indication that we do not have any control over time.

Can we hold on to time and allow it to stay and not pass? So many times in our life we have felt that a certain time, especially bad time must just pass. Then there are times when we are having a great time, the best moments and we wish that the clock would stop ticking…..

But neither happens. Time goes at its pace and not as per our wish. So instead of wishing for a change in the pace of time, let us try to take control of time in a different manner.

Time will pass….. Yes, that is decided. So the time we have at present as of this moment is ours. It could be a good moment or a bad moment. It will go for sure. So we could wait for the next moment if we are having a bad time and hold on to the memory if we are having a good moment. Though we cannot control time we can trap the good times in our memory and store them.

Let time go. It is not in our control. 2009 was a bad year for many people all over the world. But I would say it was quite good for me with just a few bad moments…. Similarly, there will be some people out there who achieved success or gained a lot in the year 2009.

Most people I know of were praying for 2009 to just get over and waiting eagerly for 2010. So now that 2010 has arrived has it changed their lives? I don’t think so. It is the destiny that changes. Each person has his destiny to face and it is made up of good and bad times in different proportions.

Bad times always feel longer as compared to good times which just seem to disappear too soon. Actually we are so lost in our enjoyment that we do not realize the time passing away while in bad times we are so occupied in our sorrow that the hands on the clock don’t seem to move….

While we talk of time, it is our life which is passing by isn’t it? Each moment, each day……and maybe years……Let us make the most of it while it lasts.

Time is precious. So don’t waste time. Whatever the time good or bad, we can positively try to seek out the good moments from it and look forward to time passing by even as we hold on to our life waiting for the next moment…..our future….


9 thoughts on “Time just flies……

  1. First of all thanks for your visit to teamforbharath2010. Your comments proves a means to improve new posts. Now shall you write something about the loss of sincerity in this new age friendship. Recent behaviours from some(NOT ALL) friends of mine made me think about it. Still i dont think i could write even the very first word of it..

    Any way you reside in Dubai , i cant believe you didn’t get the interior pics of Burj Khalifa..I dont think so….Though you could not see the opening ceremony clearly , still you had a good time in your life than ours… BUT NEVER MIND WE ARE GOING TO SHAPE THE FUTURE FOR OURSELVES……..

    • Hello Sibi,

      I stay in Dubai but the crowd to see the interiors of Burj Khalifa is really too much. There is advance booking for viewing it. But the firecrackers show was really beautiful.

      I am sure you will have a very bright future and I wish you all the best for all the decisions you take in life…..

      It is not where we stay that makes us happy but the people with whom we stay. I will definitely write something about friendship……

  2. hello naina,
    If you dont mind , i have some suggestions to your blog. PLEASE NOTE : I AM NOT TO GRADE YOUR BLOG . i just wanted to give some tips that helps you to find more readers for your blog…
    Please break your article into small sized paragraphs.
    Reading on a computer screen is much different from reading a book or something like it. The flicker from computer monitor is tiring for eyes . Excessively long paragraph are hard to read.
    It may even force the reader to stop reading ,even when they want to……

    nice wishes….

    N.B : shall you write something in your own language? Hope it too would have the power of your current style……..
    Have nice day…..

  3. Hi Naina,
    2009 has been a bad year for me.2010 will be better i hope.feel glad reading your blog,feel positive.just curious whther u have seen a lot of bad.from ur blog feels that ur positiveness overcame lot of bad u saw.
    want to know more abt life in dubai,some more writing!!!

  4. Hello Saya,

    2009 was a bad year for many people. I am sorry to hear that it was a bad year for you too. Surely 2010 will be better. Time does not remain the same always, whether it is good or bad. So don’t lose hope and hold on for a while. I am sure you will be seeing good times soon. My best wishes to you for an excellent year ahead….

    Will write more about the life in Dubai…..

    • i read other ur other blogs.sorry gal for the late reply.yo man ,u are positive+++++++++.didthu write abt exams,man they bring out the swet in me,even after 5 yrs.love to read ur talk,are u a happy person ?just curious.?????bye

  5. hai naina..
    it seems you are actually “re-loaded”, with 2010. And it was indeed a pleasure seeing such a beautiful topic being selected and convinced this beautifully. time indeed is something most of us dont have.be it for exams, for works,or anything.naina, here i have a small request to you.you are t reject it if u really dont like it.ok?
    you see, children all over india are going to and are deliberately getting ready for their exams-boards 10th and 12th entarnces for a lot of courses all over india or may be even in their own places. and here i see a lot of children who a way too much tensed about it. it is really sad to see these young children like this. will you write something for them??(if u reeeally feel so that is)
    well you have created a beautiful work about time over there.
    good going. wishing you the very best of luck!!
    bye.and have a nice time

  6. Hello Well-Wisher,

    I am glad that you like reading my posts. Will surely write something for the kids appearing for the board exams as even I feel that the stress that they undergo is really too much. Parents and soceity must try to reduce the stress.

    But sometimes I feel it is a far cry and convincing parents is absolutely difficult. This is a topic which is close to my heart and I will put up something about it soon.

    I just hope I am able to spread the message to all kids and their parents through my blog. A bigger platform is needed for such a huge task…..


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