Even as we decide to live our life peacefully and happily there is a particular trait in us which surfaces time and again to disturb our decisions. It is a feeling termed as ‘bitterness’. We humans interact a lot amongst each other which results in many close relationships.

As a relationship develops, expectations rise. We start having expectations from the person we know. And when these expectations are not met, we feel angry or upset and when this is oft repeated we tend to become bitter about the person.

Bitterness in a relationship marks the beginning of an unhappy and unsuccessful liaison. Why do we store this bitterness inside us for months and years? We could just throw it away.

But it is so unlike our human nature to do something like that. We find great pleasure in gathering sorrow and hurts. We go on accumulating incidents of hurt till it turns into bitterness and then we collect this bitterness and save it for a lifetime.

A lifetime of bitterness I would say is just a waste of life…. We all have felt bitterness more than once in our life about some person or the other. There are endless examples that I could give where people could have felt bitterness about another person. But each person would have faced a different set of circumstances and the reactions would be different. But the feeling of bitterness is always the same.

Bitterness stems from expectations. So should we stop expecting anything from people we relate to? It is neither feasible nor practical.

The solution to this would be to forgive a person and not store the feeling of bitterness in our mind. But then we are not saints and forgiving certain people for certain things just seems so impossible…

So what must we do with this bitterness which sticks to us like second skin? It makes our life miserable and spoils our entire entity. We do not do justice to our otherwise satisfactory life by giving more importance to some bitterness we feel about some person. Is it worth it?

Speaking about this is very easy. Finding a solution is difficult. So as I tread on this strange and difficult path, I see that all we need is a positive approach to life. We usually feel bitter when we feel life has been unfair to us or some person has been unfair to us.

We need to think beyond that. We have to think of the positive signs in life or the concerned person. In every relationship there are expectations. We could not stop expecting things, but at least we could tone down our expectations and give some breathing space to others in our life.

Bitterness is not going to take us anywhere and will lead us to a dark well of depression and sorrow. It would be a path we chose. A path that leads us nowhere……

So instead of blindly following bitterness and falling prey to its tribulations, it is better to forget, forgive and move on with a positive feeling. It is our life that we are spoiling. Life as I always mention is for living and not all are lucky to have a long life……So just leave the bitterness……..and start living…….


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