What is “Real Life”???

What is life? A set of circumstances and situations occurring in a sequence without a particular fixed pattern could be life. Life I would say is a cluster of memories, wishes, hopes, disappointments and happenings all put together.

A well wisher has appreciated my blog but thinks that I have shown only the brighter side of everything in life and wants me to show the reader ‘what real life is’.

Now what is ‘real life’? Everything in life is real. The ups and downs, the good and the bad, happiness and sorrow all combined together are what I would say ‘real life’ is all about. Is ‘real life’ too cruel and full of sorrow and harsh realities? I don’t think so.

Life is meant for living and how we live our life depends entirely on us. Almost every person in his life faces either death, sorrow, tragedy, poverty or some other dreadful situation once or several times in a lifetime. If we are lucky we will see only a couple of the above and if not we might see all of it and more….

After every dark night don’t we wait for the dawn so that the sun can rise and we could see things in brighter light? It is this positive expectation from nature and the happiness of the bright light that gives us the energy to move on ahead in life. People feel ‘real life’ means tragedies and sorrows all combined. So are happiness and good times not ‘real life’??

During the bright daylight at times we see dark shadows cast by gloomy large clouds. We look desperately at the clouds wishing they would move and make way for the bright sun to shine…..These are incidents where when the going is good and suddenly we face a big loss. But if you wait for a while, you will see the sun pushing through the dark clouds…….

Reality at times could be so callous it could finish your very existence. Still, we have to face it and defeat the situation or bear with it depending on the circumstance and our capacity to handle it or change it. Eventually we move on to see what else life has in store for us. We understand that we have to live our life and tackle each situation as it comes….I feel we humans are very positive and the will to live and survive is what makes us move on in life……

It is not that I have not seen sorrows or harsh realities. I am sure each person reading this blog would have at least one time in their life faced some tragic situation, grief or loss. But didn’t we live on in the hope that situations will change and that a beautiful tomorrow awaits us………..

Reality, my friends is about accepting the situations in life and looking towards the sun waiting for daylight to banish the darkness from our life……………..

The sun pushing through dark large clouds.....


3 thoughts on “What is “Real Life”???

  1. hey naina..
    thanku for replying for my comment as i see it a lot of times in you blog highlited in between quotes…” “.this is what i wanted u to write atleast once….
    the last sentence you have made is extremely convincing to the reader.abt the different faces of life and how one can percieve it!! when i read ure blog, this one, i felt that realness within. it has been heart filling. thank you really for replying with full enthusiasm and sincerety.do write more of such blogs which are more related to “life” and its different glimpses and moments.
    it is really wonderfull experience reading yoour blog naina. best of luck to you for more of such wonderfull ones.
    i can also feel a slight bitterness u feel for the comment i made about you through ure words may be. sorry if it was meaningless……. but you really have compensated for it…
    thanking you sincerely..
    well wisher…

  2. Hi well wisher,

    I would have been happier if you had a name and I could be addressing this reply to that name instead of “well wisher”. I am glad to know that you enjoy reading my blogs. I will surely keep in mind to write more about ‘life’ and its glimpses as you have suggested. My best wishes to you…..

  3. i really liked wt u hav written abt “Real Life”. We many a times say that if this happens i will nt survive or if that happens i will nt survive. but if such a situation does cm we face it and do survive. of course it does break us and leave a mark in our life but with time the break mends and life does go on. God has given us this life and he has also given us the strength to face life with its ups and downs. It depends on us whether we live it positively seeing the brighter side of all situations or negatively seeing the dark side . Like it is said “A glass is half empty or A glass is half full”.depends on hw u view it. Same is with life.

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