Past, Present and future…….

It was like a miracle. One day it was raining In Dubai like it would never stop and the next day it was bright and sunny. This reminded me of “Climates of life” where I had mentioned that our life is like the climate, with ever changing moods like the seasons.

One moment I was settling down by the window planning to sing “Rain rain go away…..” and the next moment the cool breeze without the drizzle made me dash away from the window…..

So the winter has set in and there is no sign of rain here in Dubai. The weather is nice and cool. The rain I would say is always associated with memories of the past. Some might have good romantic moments to think of 🙂 while some could be thinking of gloomy incidents 😦

Tina says in her comment “The past never leaves us and leaves a mark on our present as well as our future…..” Yes, the past always has a way to bring that smile or grimace on our face. It has the power to control our emotions and moods in the present. Yes, the past leaves a mark, but then marks fade…. The past is actually gone…finished…..

Just like the rain is gone, and I am sure many people are actually feeling sad and missing the showers, it is better to enjoy the chilly weather and connect beautiful memories with it. It is finally not the climate that changes our mood, it is our own past and memories which takes us on that roller coaster ride, sometimes up in the air and at other times down in the dumps……..

Dan, in his comment on “Hello World” asks me what makes me tick as a person. I would say it is the experiences of my past and my empathy towards people and the understanding I have of emotions which keeps me going…….

I respect my past, love my present and am always ready to face the future…….


One thought on “Past, Present and future…….

  1. i love the rains & the memories they evoke.Rains bring out the child in us, making us want to get soaking wet in the warm rains,jump in the puddles & in general behave like a small child.A hot plate of bhajias after getting wet in the rains.There is nothing like it.ur blogs evokes the enjoyment of the write more.

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