Rains in Dubai….

Fried savories(bhajiyas) with ketchup ..ummm...

It is raining cats and dogs in the UAE. Last few days it has been raining and I long to see the sunlight. The climate is not dry as it usually is. There is thunder and lightning and rains are just pouring away. There are great traffic jams too!!

Sitting in the house and enjoying the rains seems like a good idea. People at work are not actually having a great time. Umbrellas which are usually taken out during the peak summers are seen outside now. Colorful umbrellas and small puddles is what I can see from the window. Kids are splashing away in the puddles which have formed due to the rains.

Yes! Absolutely! I am not stepping out at all in this weather. I am just waiting for the rains to go so that I can enjoy the cool breeze without the drizzle. It is the time to snuggle in bed, have steaming soup or coffee depending on choice and have lots of yummy fried snacks. Another interesting option would be to seek shelter on the cozy sofa and watch a movie on the DVD with buckets of popcorn.

It rarely rains here in Dubai and so it is fun while it lasts. The winter is paving in through the rains and soon it will be time for the umbrellas and raincoats to be replaced by the sweaters and jackets.

I am just waiting for the chill to set in so I can go for long walks and enjoy the winter in Dubai. I hope the rains make way for the winter ‘coz I really don’t want to sit at the window singing “rain rain go away……”

Heavy rains and foggy weather in UAE


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