Memories of life……

Life is made up of small small memories. Those little moments of happiness and sadness all combined to make the past. We cherish the good memories and always want those times or moments to recur. We are always waiting for the same feeling and emotion to cross our paths so that we can feel the same exhilaration that we had felt earlier.

We keep seeking those moments and at times get depressed as very rarely we get to relive certain memories. When our expectations rise and what we hope for does not happen we tend to feel sad and gloomy. This tendency spoils our beautiful present which we ignore as we are so much lost in our past and suppressed due to our expectations.

We need to understand that the past is over and that it is the present which is ours for enjoying and for making new memories to think of later in the future. At times we live with the fear of the bad memories of the past recurring again in our lives in the present or the future. It could be a financial crisis we faced or the death of a close one or maybe failure in an examination, just about anything. We live with the fear of the same bad things happening again in our lives, and fail to live happily in the present.

Good memories are for treasuring and not for hoping or wishing for the same moments to occur again. Similarly the bad incidents of the past must be shelved and forgotten.

We must remember that memories are like picture albums. We could go through them once, feel joy or sorrow and then stack them back in the shelf. It is the ‘now’ that is important and not the ‘it was….’

All of us love to muse over the past and feel secure in it. But life is a bookcase of memories and we need to accumulate more and more memories and try to collect more of the good ones. To gather more good memories we need to step in a positive manner and work towards it in the present.

Life is strange. At times the worst of tragedies can hit us making us miserable. It is at such times that we need to gather all our good memories, seek support and happiness from them and start thinking of making a better future.

It is only when we accept that life is made up of all types of memories and that though destiny plays a major role in ruling our lives, our feelings and sentiments are our own and we can feel what we want to at any given time, that it is possible for us to lead a happy and contented life.


4 thoughts on “Memories of life……

  1. sometimes though we try to live in the present some incidents of the past never leave us. it leaves a mark on our present as well as our future

    • Surely the past incidents leave a mark on our lives. It is this mark that makes us learn from our mistakes and take joy from the happy incidents. But eventually we need to move on and not get stuck with the mark. See finally marks are not permanent. They fade!!

  2. Right! Have always seen these words coming true ” expectation reduces joy”. Its very true that one should realize that pondering too much in the past or planning too much for the future is worthless as, past is gone and future you don’t know if you are there. In the meantime its the beautiful now that you are losing. For the bad memories that each one experiences time is a great healer can’t run away from them.

    • You are right. Time has the healing power to cure any injury. Sometimes it is worth to look back one’s life to count the blessings of your loved ones. Life is to be celebrated and lived to the fullest and our legacy should be passed down to the next generation.

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