Dubai shopping festival…..

Shopping brings to mind the “Dubai Shopping festival” when people from all around the world try to visit Dubai. The Shopping festival is an excellent time to shop because of the great discounts and offers available during this period from all the outlets in the entire UAE. Additionally, the shopping festival falls in the winter months when Dubai has a nice cool climate.

The shopping festival has various attractions and Global Village is one of the best I would say. The Global Village has opened its doors for shoppers from last month itself and will entertain visitors until March. Various countries participate in this annual fair where they get an opportunity to display and sell goods from their country.

The entire place is magical and every year new events are introduced. For people wanting to have some thrill, there are various games available for children as well as adults. Food outlets are spread out everywhere and there is an assortment of interesting options to choose from.

Once you enter you will be lost in the wonderfully designed pavilions and the exquisite wares displayed by each country in their individual pavilions. For people who love to shop, I would suggest a visit to the Global village where they would have a wide array of items to choose from.

There are special events and programs performed by people from each country. It is like a small globe where all the countries are set one beside the other. As you enter each pavilion and see the various stalls inside, you will be able to feel and enjoy the culture and trend of each country.

So a visit to Dubai for the shopping festival during this winter would be an interesting option. As the fun and enthusiasm would be automatically transferred from the existing shoppers, the only requirement would be a wallet loaded with cash!! So that you can shop till you drop………


4 thoughts on “Dubai shopping festival…..

  1. u r right abt the dubai shopping festival. i have visited dubai only once but the DSF was really too good!!We get knowledge abt the countries and what they specialize in. i enjoyed my Dubai trip!!

  2. Hi Naina ! I am from Mumbai and I have heard a lot about the Dubai Shopping Festival. Do you think its worth a visit? What do you recommend?

  3. The Dubai shopping festival is surely worth a visit. The sale discounts, the festive mood and the winter in Dubai during that time would prove to be an exhilarating experience…I do not think there is any scope for disappointment at all…

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